Welcome to Münster

Münster, located in the heart of Westphalia, is a city that combines history, culture and a lively way of life. Its rich past, coupled with a modern attitude to life, makes Münster a fascinating destination. Here is a detailed look at the facets that make Münster so special:

Historical significance

  • Prussian provincial capital: Between 1815 and 1946, Münster was the capital of the Prussian province of Westphalia, which gave the city a formative historical role.
  • Peace of Westphalia: As the venue for the peace negotiations that ended the Thirty Years' War in 1648, Münster has a firm place in the history books.

Geographical location

  • Heart of the Münsterland: Strategically positioned between the Ruhr area and Osnabrück, Münster forms the center of an idyllic landscape.
  • Picturesque scenery: The city stretches along the Münstersche Aa, surrounded by natural beauty and thus offers a unique atmosphere.

Prinzipalmarkt and historic gabled houses

  • Characteristic place: Prinzipalmarkt, with its historic gabled houses, is the center of city life, where history comes alive.
  • Gothic masterpiece: The Lamberti Church dominates the market and gives it an unmistakable character.

Bicycle friendliness

  • Bicycle paths: Over 500 kilometers of cycle paths make Münster the most bicycle-friendly city in Germany.
  • Aasee: The man-made lake is the centerpiece for outdoor leisure activities and relaxation.

Student city and university town

  • University of Münster: The university characterizes the cityscape and creates a dynamic and young atmosphere.
  • Botanical Garden: A highlight for nature lovers and a place of peace and beauty.

Green oases and all-weather zoo

  • Parks and green spaces: Münster offers a variety of recreational opportunities in its parks and at the Aasee lake.
  • All-weather zoo: An attraction for families and animal lovers who want to experience exotic animals up close.

Culinary delights

  • Münsterland cuisine: From savory to sweet, the culinary offerings reflect the diversity of the region.
  • Pumpernickel and student slices: Two specialties that should not be missed.

Importance as a sports city

Münster is not only culturally and historically significant, but also a lively sports city. From cycling and water sports on Lake Aa to university sports, there is something for everyone. Ballooning also has a long tradition in Münster and Münsterland. The city regularly hosts sporting events that inspire visitors and locals alike. The combination of sporting diversity and the bicycle-friendly infrastructure promotes


Launchfield Castle Square

The starting area on Münster's Castle Square is within walking distance of public transport and in close proximity to the city center of Münster. The launch of the Gordon Bennett 2024 will therefore take place close to the city center, making it attractive for the public. The launch site on the Castle's Square offers optimal space for pilots, spectators and partners.